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Dream Machine

I built a Dream Machine for Burning Man '07. It's since made trips to the Mojave Desert and a return to Burning Man in '08 and '11.
My two favorite quotes:

"Holy shit, that was trippy!"
– Random Burner

"Oh cool, cartoons!"
– Shutter*

The original installation was housed in a yurt, which in keeping with the '07 BM theme "Green Man," was made from bamboo and recycled billboards, with no screws or modern fasteners of any kind.

Some of the images in this article were supplied by Shutter. You can find more at her photo-blog "luna-See." Check it out for super awesome goodness.

...William S. Burroughs, Cut-Ups, Brain Waves after the jump (:()



William S. Burroughs ushered in the modern era of flicker experimentation, when Ian Sommerville and Brion Gysin created the Dream Machine. The spinning cylinder oscillates at 10 Hz corrisponding to the brain's alpha state which has a frequency of 8 to 13 Hz.

Cut Ups


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