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MoDMaN ink – a showcase of all things MoDstylie. “Art Is Hard” but it’s a damn sight harder if you don’t put it out there.

FlowTown Films – viral / transmedia / short-form / guerilla storytelling, “It Takes A Backyard.”

MoDisMoD blog – gallery openings, people I admire, random photos, stuff I care about… "You know, it’s a blog."

currency-free trade, origins of Talisman Decks, etc. after the jump (:()



The Nom De Plum: My friend Tom first came up with the nickname, MoDMaN, when he logged me into a video game.  It was a slight because I considered myself much more of a punk. But I liked it and I started using it for street art and digital and reproductive images. I was really into color copies when they first came out. I once spent my entire paycheck on 'em, and I filled a warehouse show full of artwork based on photocopies, magic marker, and house paint. Anyway I thought using a pseudonym was a good way to keep my "serious" work separate from the stuff I was goofing around with. But after awhile I was doing more goofing than serious, and it just didn't make since anymore to have two identities. So now I just go by the one. You may still refer to me as maestro, tho.

Currency Free: If you have a public space that needs a mural, or you want to join a Facebook circle I've put up, or you send me pics of a MoDMaN stencil kit you've used, then we can probably make a deal for art-in-kind. Just hit me up and we'll work something out.

The Talisman Decks' Story is in my head and I'm working on prying it loose.

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