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Animation • Games

Drink'n And Brawl'n Buddies

Drinking and Brawling, so fun and with the bonus of virtual play – you don't have the hangover and black eye to deal with the next day!

Special features include: the ability to upload pics of yourself or friends to play against, Technoviking getting drunk and antagonistic. If you haven't seen it, watch the real world Technoviking here. The original video has been blocked with like 13 million views but there are tons of remixes.

Virtual Quarters Drinking Game, and Single Player Punch / Throw / Burn / Fish Slap.

play here:

Melvin Bros

...Season One, YouTube-playlist (six episodes).

Client: GoPotato.TV
Scot Richardson wrote it. Ben Gleib voices Dirk. I animated it. GoPotato put it up. You should watch it.

Being Dick's Gas


Client: National Lampoon
??.?? dollars a gallon?@#$!!! Thanks Mr. Vice President. You lying piece of shit.

play here: Being Dick's Gas - Animation

Van Wilder Drinking Buddy

Client: National Lampoon / National Lampoon's Van Wilder
The original virtual drinking buddy. Play quarters against the characters from National Lampoon's Van Wilder. I'm not saying that you need to drink to enjoy this game, but it helps.

No I'm not obsessed.

play here: Van Wilder Drinking Buddy - Game

TuPac - Do For Love

Client: 23D Films
TuPac died during the making of this music video. It was sad. I meet his mom, Afeni Shakur. She's a very cool person. I gained a lot of respect for TuPac and for his family doing this project. I slept on the floor of the studio several nights, as the whole crew worked around the clock to get this done.  Thanks to Joe Russo and Aaron White of 23D Films for bringing me along for the ride.

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