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Art Direction • Design

BOO! postcards

BOO! asked me to art direct a series of postcards to help people understand what it is they do. Market research magicians is who they are.
You can find some of our collaborative market research documentary films at FlowTown Films.

The first series of seven cards was created to communicate a sense of playfulness and to exemplify their approach to market research: Hello, Real, Priming, Comfort, Context, Fun, and Home.

Postcard photography provided by: Jeremy Montemagni, Luna-See, / Sanctuary Studios, Doug Kim, and MoDMaN.


The continuing series of cards has become popular with BOO!'s clientele and has been a cute way of keeping up with the milestones of the business: BOO!'s New Website, Holiday Greetings, Youth Research, International Projects, Social Media Investigations, Winning The Dope Award, and Non-Traditional Recruiting Methods...

Postcard photography and design provided by: MoDMaN.

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