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Talisman Decks

Custom graphics for surf, snow, and skate are designed and executed by MoDMaN.  Airbrush / pencil / laminates / silk screens and coming soon – Stencil Kits, yum!     Contact me for details...

A Skater Thinks


A Skater Thinks – this is my 7' 6" board with image of skater dreaming about boarding. I ride this fairly often as it's a good shape for the Venice breakwater where the waves can be anything from steep barrells to mushy shorebreak. Scott Anderson shaped it.

I ran over the tail with my 7' 11" Hawaiian Pro the first time it went in the water (down in Baja). I let my pal James T. take it out the first time and then dropped in on him (pure kook).

And then James and Lucio did me the big favor of letting it wash up on the rocks at Boneyard.

more character i guess.

Mosaic Muse


The 8' 6" Mosaic Muse was commissioned for Allen Shapiro of Mosaic Media. His love of music and the business he created to put out entertainment led me to imagine "the muse," and how that might look if you could see it coming out of an artist at work.

The laminate on the tail is a batik print from Bali.

Scott Anderson shaped it. I think it lives in the "boardroom" of Allen's offices in Hollywood now.

Of course there has to be a Dead Kennedys ref in there somewhere.

Long Live Punk


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